System response Very slow

We have Xeon Server 2.8 with 2 GB ram i have installed CentOS 5.4 with virtualmin i have created 80 domains now i am trying to create batch users but my server response very slow it work like 286 computer of older age, is due to virtualmin



I'll forward this to Jamie for further comment.

You had mentioned something similar a few months ago in the forums regarding creating 100,000 users:

That sort of number will always take a decent amount of resources to create :-)

However, there was recently some fixes Jamie added into the codebase to improve performance in regards to user creation and display, though I don't recall which version that went into (whether it's the current version, or whether it's part of the next release).

How many users are you trying to batch create? There are some scaling issues in Virtualmin once you get above several thousand, as most admins don't create that many users..

I have to create atlest 1500 email account in each domains i have 80 domains created in my virtualmin server

Wow .. so you actually have 120,000 users in total?

That is too many for Virtualmin to handle, sorry .. it wasn't designed for hosting more than a few thousand mailboxes.

but there is no heavy traffic on server max 1200 mailbox in each domain (Total 80 Domains)

so please can any one help how can i create them any script

Have you tried a shell script that runs the virtualmin create-user API command multiple times?

Something like :

virtualmin create-user --domain --user joe --pass secret
virtualmin create-user --domain --user bob --pass secret

how it will work i have to run this command on shell, if yes then each line will take more time, or can i create a text file and run bash command on it.

You can create a text file shell script and run it all at once ..