Moving Xen System - IP Assign Fail

When attempting to move a Xen system, it appears to fail during IP reallocation due to the Xen config file not being edited properly. It only edits the 'address' parameter and forgets to alter the 'vif = ['ip=']' parameter. There may also be other things causing issue, but this is the one that I believe causing the moving process to halt.



Looking at the code, it appears that the vif= line does get updated, but in some cases the address= line may not. Are you sure that isn't what is happening?

Perhaps Jamie, I did submit this before going to bed :)

Ok, could you take another look at the .cfg file of the moved system to see if the vif and/or address line was updated?

I will fix the bug that prevents the address line for being updated in next Cloudmin release.