PHP, mod_fcgid: read data timeout


I'm getting these error on my virtualserver:

[Mon Feb 01 20:47:51 2010] [warn] mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 40 seconds

In the website options, my settings are:

Run CGI scripts as domain owner? Yes PHP script execution mode: FCGId PHP FCGId sub-processes: None Maximum PHP script run time Unlimited

How I can solve these problem, thanks



Are you actually seeing broken web pages or errors when viewing that site? If not, this may just be a warning from mod_fcgid which can be ignored..

It could be a sign that the PHP script is taking too long to respond or complete, if you're getting errors about a timeout after 40 seconds.

You may want to take a look at this thread here for some suggestions on what to do about it:

If those suggestions don't help, you may consider changing this Virtual Server from FCGID to CGI in Server Configuration -> Website Options -> PHP script execution mode.

What version of mod_fcgid is used in VM ?? is there a way to determine what's actually installed?

I just found this page and it suggests major changes to the variable names

I used to be able to set the variables globally, but now that no longer works...

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The mod_fcgid package version on CentOS can be found with RPM:

rpm -q mod_fcgid

If it is our mod_fcgid package, it'll be 2.2, I think. If it is from some other source, then I wouldn't know.

I fix it, adding these:

IPCConnectTimeout 20 IPCCommTimeout 3600

on the httpd.conf and in fcgi

and /conf.d/fcgid.conf

thanks, But I guess is a bug because in the virtualmin said that all the time limits are unlimited.

Ok, so it sounds like what Virtualmin should really do when the user selects "Unlimited" is set IPCCommTimeout to something really high, like 9999.

It seems putting variables in /conf.d/fcgid.conf they are ignored by VirtualHosts.

You have to apply then to individual VirtualHosts. Can somebody confirm this? There must be some official documentation somewhere!?

Yes, from what I've seen those settings need to be at the <virtualhost> level.