ftp access for reseller?

Hi, Is it possible to make an ftp account for a reseller, with access to all the virtual servers belonging to that reseller? i cant make an ftp account for the whole /home folder, becouse other virtual servers are in that same folder, that do not belong to that particular reseller. Bart



Howdy -- unfortunately, there's no good way to do exactly that at this time.

The best ways to handle that would be:

  1. Have the reseller log in via FTP as the Virtual Server owner

  2. Have the reseller perform uploads using Webmin's file browser

Another alternative would be to make certain Virtual Servers owned by a particular group -- and then create a new FTP user in that group. The problem there would be it would require the users making sure that everything they create is group writable, or else it'd lock the FTP user out until the permissions were corrected.

One possible solution may be to create a user at Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups, and set his secondary groups to all the groups for his domains. He should then be able to FTP in and access all their files.