Tomcat plugin for Virtualmin


I would really like to have a tomcat plugin for Virtualmin, or maybe two (shared tomcat over various home folders / dedicated tomcat for one user). What would it need to do? - Install multiple versions of JDK - Install multiple versions of Tomcat

For shared tomcat: create a folder 'webapps' in the homedir, create a tomcat user, do some configuration in apache (proxy) and some xml-files

For dedicated tomcat: copy the tomcat-folder to the home folder. Create start-stop scripts, some configuration in apache (proxy) and some xml-files

I read on the forums that you guys don't have experience with tomcat. I have some, and am willing to assist you. I would write the plugin myself, but don't have any perl experience...



That would be a good idea for a plugin .. we've shied away from supporting Java apps up till now, but it could certainly be done.

How good is your Perl? With some basic knowledge, writing an Virtualmin plugin isn't that hard.

I have some basic knowledge, but almost no experience. I'm sure I could get it working though, with a little help from you guys.

Can you deliver me some plugin-script that would help me start?

I would probably take it slowly, because I still have some other development work to do (in Java for Tomcat, that's why I'm asking ;-)