missing web options setting

I don't see --> mod_php (run as apache) setting anymore... what happened to it ?



Do you still see the options for cgi and fcgid modes? If so, maybe mod_php is disabled in the Apache configuration .. you can re-enable this at Webmin -> Servers -> Apache -> Configure Apache Modules.

So did that fix it?

I haven't tried it yet

ok that was it but it seems that libapache2-mod-php5 was removed again with debian's last security upgrade... annoying.

Yeah, I still don't know why Debian does that!

me either -- happens so often and ends up breaking stuff

I suggest filing a bug with Debian .. clearly it is something wrong with their packages, as Virtualmin never un-installs anything.

So you have seen this as well ? On just your server or others ?

It seems to happen when just apache is updated, not a apache mod. And it wants to install apache2-worker not apache-prefork which is wrong when worker is not installed. You agree ?

Yes, a few other people have reported this, but I have never seen it myself.

It is the Apache upgrade that seems to trigger it.

I'll report that bug with debian and report back what I get in a reply.