Newly install server, can't login after 2 days

I just setup Virtualmin GPL on a new dedicated server for some friends of mine. They have not touched the configuration of it, however after 2 days for some reason Virtualmin/Webmin will not take the login credentials of a virtual server account I created on there. I have changed the password multiple times for this account, but the login screen keeps rejecting it with the following logged in /var/log/secure:

Jan 24 21:37:39 storman webmin[966]: Invalid login as [hidden] from Jan 24 21:37:45 storman webmin[967]: Invalid login as [hidden] from

Now here's the strange thing, I can login with this exact username / password over FTP! This is the main administrative username for this account that it will not take. In addition, I can also add "Extra Admins" to this virtual server and it will allow this person to login without an issue as well.

Any ideas?



It sounds as if one or more hosts may be blocked by Webmin now, perhaps due to it thinking one was trying to break into the account.

Try logging into Virtualmin as root, and go into Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Blocked Hosts and Users. Are any IP's being blocked, or is the account shown as being locked?

Nope, no blocked users or accounts:

No hosts or users are currently blocked by Webmin.

This is the output of miniserv.log when trying to login: - - [24/Jan/2010:22:11:09 -0600] "POST /session_login.cgi HTTP/1.1" 401 2509 - - [24/Jan/2010:22:11:21 -0600] "POST /session_login.cgi HTTP/1.1" 401 2509

I did notice in the error log that it was complaining about the PAM authentication perl module missing. I installed that in the Webmin perl modules section, and now it says in the log that it should be good to go:

[24/Jan/2010:22:05:45 -0600] started [24/Jan/2010:22:05:45 -0600] PAM authentication enabled

But still doesn't work. I would think that if that module missing was truly an issue I wouldn't have been able to login as root.

Anyway.... any other ideas? =/

Okay. More information.

When creating a new virtualmin server, when the new virtualmin user logs in Virtualmin is no where to be found. All that the person is presented with is Webmin. There is no "Virtualmin Webmin" links at the top like there is with the root user.


I was able to fix the issue. I restored every virtualmin setting back to the way it was on the 21st (I had a backup I created then). I also had to disable webmin login for this virtual server and then re-enable it. This I guess fixed the tie that had somehow gotten broken between virtualmin and webmin for this account.

Very strange.