Backup to Windows Bulletproof FTP

I am trying to run the backup to a remote ftp host. No matter what I put into the settings, it returns:

Failed to connect to FTP server : CWD / failed : /c:: Permission denied.

I have tested the settings with a ftp client and there doesn't appear to be any restrictions. What is going on that would cause this to happen? Virtualmin required me to put a full path to backup to, which bulletproof ftp is dumping me into the directory that the file is supposed to be so I edited the file in:


And put the dest=

And it still just says the original error. Any ideas?

Closed (fixed)


Does it help if you change the dest= line to be like :

I edited the file manually as you specified and when I go to run the backup it changed the settings to local, and prepended /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/ to the ftp url.

It ran through the whole process but ended with:

Backup failed : Failed to open /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/ for writing : No such file or directory

Ok, I see the problem .. Virtualmin doesn't support use of relative paths for FTP backups.

I will fix this in the next release.

Ok, thanks. Any idea when you'll be releasing, as I will have to tell the customer something.

Could be a week or so, but I can send you a fixed version now if you like ..

That would be super helpful as long as it doesn't hurt anything when I upgrade in the future. I am very grateful for your help.

BTW, I just bought a cloudmin for physical servers license, I am very excited to begin using it!

Yes, it will be quite safe to install.

Which OS / Linux distribution are you running there?

Sounds good. The distro is centos 5.

Ok, RPM sent .. let me know how it goes.

It seemed to parse the url fine when putting it into the form but then when you save or try and run the backup it is still prepending stuff & interpreting it as Local:

Local file /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/ftp://user:password@ftp.server.combackup_%m-%d-%Y.tar.gz

That is what it puts in the list when you save, and then when you run the backup, it puts that same text in the error message.

Ok, I think I see the cause .. sending another update now..

Few things:

1) It told me that I can't have it automatically cleanup old backups because it couldn't figure out where the path was.

2) Then it wouldn't connect to ftp because:

 Failed to connect to FTP server : CWD / failed : /c:: Permission denied. 

After looking through things I found this on line 222 in /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual/server/

 &ftp_onecommand($server, "CWD /", \$ftperr, $user, $pass, $port);

I think the Bulletproof FTP Server doesn't support that command or something.

Try changing that line to :

&ftp_onecommand($server, "PWD", \$ftperr, $user, $pass, $port);

Looks like Bulletproof doesn't even let you access the root directory, which is surprising ..

Yeah, that didn't change anything actually. Same error and everything.

Oh .. you will need to run /etc/webmin/restart first to make the code change take effect.

It worked after restarting! What a pain. I hate it when people use Bulletproof FTP too, such crap!

It still wont let me mark to delete old backups though.

Thanks so much for working with me, you guys always come through.

Great .. the purging of old backups should be fixed in this case in the next Virtualmin release.

Cool. I appreciate your efforts for sure.