Subject line modification on forward


I need to on some mail boxes, modify the subject line in order to tiger an application on the forwarded recipient's mailbox.

eg :

original subject : support required must be modified to : xxxx support required

Please advise


Dr. Kotze



I don't know of a way to do that from within Virtualmin itself.

However, this can be done using procmail along with formail.

If you you want this done for a particular user, what you could do is:

  1. Create a .procmailrc file in that users home directory

  2. Setup something like the following inside of the .procmailrc:

* ^Subject:.*support required
| formail -I "Subject: xxxx support required"

Something like the above should work, though you'll of course want to test it before having it modify your production emails :-)

You can get more information on how both procmail and formail work in their various man pages, by looking at "man procmailex" and "man formail".