reusing fixed IP addresses

I used to have a Virtual Server on a unique IP, then I deleted that Virtual Server and I want to now re-use the IP, but I find that I am unable to use that IP any more.

Firstly it still shows up in the System Information > IP Address Allocation as being linked to the domain that no longer exists (which seems odd). Secondly the IP does still show up as a Virtual Interface under Webmin > Network Configuration > Network Interfaces.

I now want to move one of my Virtual Servers from the Shared IP over to this (now free) unique IP but when I go to Server Configuration > Change IP address, this IP does not show up as available.

What is the correct way to do this?



You should be able to use this IP at Edit Virtual Server -> IP address and interfaces -> Virtual interface .. just select "Create now with IP" and enter the IP in the box to the right.