DNSSEC hangs forever and Zone key only unchecks by itself

DNSSEC hangs forever when trying to sign a newly created domain.

"Zone key only" flips back to "Zone and key-signing key" after saving the template making it impossible to pick only "Zone key only"

Additional inormation "Default IP address for virtual servers " also hangs very long time when you check configuration of virtualmin modules.

We use Cisco ASA5510 in front of our servers.



Thanks, that "zone key only" option is broken, but I will fix it in the 3.77 Virtualmin release.

Regarding the "default IP address" hang, does your system have any limits on making outgoing connections? That feature connects to software.virtualmin.com to verify your external IP..

Thanks for the swift reply!

There are some restrictions, for example a reverse proxy and firewall. It tells me the correct outside ip address in any cases.

One way to test if there is anything blocking outgoing connections would be to run :

wget -O - http://software.virtualmin.com/cgi-bin/ip.cgi

on your system, and see how long it takes .. and if it hangs, where in the process this happens.