Failed to connect to : No route to host

I've just switched a domain to a new IP Address given to me by my server hosts but when I go to preview the website it says:

Failed to connect to : No route to host

The info they gave me is:

IP Address: - Subnetmask: Gateway:

But I can't find anywhere to enter it... Does the subnet mask and gateway information need to be entered and, if so, where should I be looking to enter it...?

Or could it be something completely different causing it..?

Very many thanks




How exactly did you go about switching a domain to this new IP in Virtualmin?

The recommended method is to go to Edit Virtual Server -> IP address and interfaces, and in the "Virtual interface" field enter the new IP.

Virtualmin ~ Addresses and Networking Change IP Addresses

New IP address
Servers to update All servers x Only selected ..

And just swapped the one I wanted to change and that looked like it changed it everywhere I can find it listed...

This is the server waiting for the Pro version I had the money sent to you via paypal on the 25th Dec so maybe the upgrade to Pro may help to resolve it..?

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Adding IP addresses should work the same in the Pro as it does in GPL.

So if you look in Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Interfaces, do you see an ethernet device there with your IP address?