How to create a virtual directory in virtualmin..?

How can I create a virtual directory on a domain in virtualmin that maps to a physical directory on the server's hard drive..?

I know that it's possible as some are already set up on the server but I cannot find whereabouts you can add and alter them inside virtualmin.

Many thanks




Hi Pete -- sounds like you're interested in something along the lines of an Apache alias?

You can manage Aliases and Redirects in Services -> Configure Website -> Aliases and Redirects.

While that screen is in need of some additional help text, and you may need to experiment with which one would work best for you, I might start with the first one, "Document directory aliases".

Hi Andy -- That doesn't look like that is how the ones that are already there were set up as all those boxes were empty on the domains with the directorys already mapped but your solution seems to have had the same effect -- many thanks. :)

The only difference that I can see is with the other ones when you login via ftp it lists the directory in the file listing but doesn't allow you to open it as it's effectively not really there and this way there's no folder listed when you login via ftp but it works okay over http:// and goes to the right place I wanted it to go.

Many thanks again & Happy Holidays!!