moving server results in problem

I moved subserver away from parent.

I got an error message resembling this one below, but I didn't take it down.

Trying to move back child under parent, I get this error: Moving virtual server under ..

.. Administration user failed! : Failed to open /home/contacti/fcgi-bin/php5.fcgi.webmintmp.19147 : Permission denied at /usr/libexec/webmin/ line 1323, line 1.

.. failed! See the error messages above for the reason why.




/home/contacti is erased. Not existent anymore!!!

I hab a backup, but lost a days' work and data. restoring doesn't work since the directory is not there anymore.

restoring leaves all my website and subdirs (with scripts down) because of that /home/contacti/fcgi-bin/php5.fcgi that canot be chowned to the user because the restore did a poor job at restoring.

I hate this

Moving a domain shouldn't delete the /home/contacti directory - are you sure it isn't still at the old location?

Also, could you post the full output from the action that failed with the permissions error?

I posted you already what you are asking. The line number was different. AND I AM NOT GOING TO TRY THAT MOVE AGAIN trust me.

when I moved the child domain, the /home/parent disappeared

trust me I am not stupid enough to rm -Rf a home directory into a customer's production domain.

Can I be blunt? I hope I am not going to ruin Christmas for you...

I still have 337 days left and I am not satisfied with all the bugs and glitches I have had so far. Having a reseller option and outdated scripts install option that don't work half the time is not worth the price so far. Even the system statistics graphs that interests me have proven imprecise and unreal.

Do you refund pro licenses? Can I remove the pro license without loosing all my domains?

Sure, you can get a refund if you want.

Also, a downgrade is possible, although it will prevent you from managing scripts installed by virtualmin (but they will still run OK).