Hello, I have a server with 24Gb of memory,when i created a virtualdomain it takes just 2Gb,now i need to icrease the memory of this virtualdomain. Think your for your help



When you say that your server has 24GB of memory, do you mean RAM or disk space?

If you're looking to increase how much disk space your Virtual Server can use (ie, increase the quota), you can do so by going into Edit Virtual Server -> Quotas and limits, and you can change the "Total server quota" setting (amongst others) from within there.

You can also change the quota for any of your email users by going into Edit Mail and FTP users.

Does that answer your question?

tk u. i have 24GB of memory it mean RAM not disk space. (i think my server doesent recognize 24 Gb i have dell power eadge t300 and i install on fedora core 9) Can you help me?

Well, I'm not entirely certain I follow what you're asking.

If the problem you're having is that your server isn't seeing the full 24GB of RAM, you'd need a 64bit distro to see RAM above 3GB I believe.

Did you install the 64 bit version of Fedora?

Or do you mean that the creation of a virtual server uses up a lot of RAM? If so, which process is responsible .. you can see this by SSHing in and running the top command, then hitting M to sort by memory use.

Yes, exacatly i'dont insatalled fedora 64bit distru ?this my disto : Linux version 2.6.25-14.fc9.i686 can i do something to solve this problem? tnk u?

Yeah, a 32bit kernel can't see or address RAM above 3GB.

To fully take advantage of 24GB of RAM, you'd need a 64bit kernel and distribution.

For your 32bit distribution, there is the option of using a PAE enabled kernel.

PAE is a feature in 32bit kernels that allows your server to address more than 3GB of RAM, though it does come with limitations. You can read more about it here:

To use that, you'd need to install the kernel package named "kernel-PAE", and then to reboot into that particular kernel.

But again, your best long-term option, if you're interested in running a server with 24GB of RAM, is to use a 64bit distribution (and, for that matter, a distribution other than Fedora -- as it's lifecycle is too short to be good for servers).