Problem during updating to Webmin 1.500-1

During updating to webmin 1.500-1 the following error occured. cp: cannot stat `/etc/webmin/module.infos.cache': No such file or directory and webmin service was gone down.



Finally after about 15 min the service went up again. It seems that it was restarting but it took too much.

I've noticed this one too. Webmin service crashed and manual restart was needed. No information in messages, dmesg, miniserv.error, miniserv.log etc. This is strange.

Yeah, it could certainly take the update a few moments to complete, and I suspect before it begins the update process, that Webmin is stopped. That could give the impression that something broke, whereas it may actually be progressing as expected.

If that happens again in the future, my recommendation would be to view the list of running processes on your server, and to see if any of them appear to be related to the Webmin update.

Webmin 1.500 collects information about all installed packages at install time, which can be slow on some systems with low RAM or CPU .. particularly Debian boxes with lots of available packages.

The solution is just to wait for the upgrade to finish.