Cannot write to directory /etc/webmin/virtual-server/

Fresh install via on Debian Lenny

Trying to update Templates, Apache Directives.

Tried setting /etc/webmin/virtual-server to 777 and still it can't write. I suspect it's failing elsewhere and just getting to the can't write message, but that's the only error output.

Do not have SELinux installed.

This is making Virtualmin unusable for me, as I can't define virtualhosts. It will create blank entries for every domain I try to create.



So this happens when you try to change the default Apache directives in a template?

System Settings->Server Templates->Default Settings->Apache website->Directives and settings for new websites

This box is blank in the default template, and default template for sub servers.

When I put in apache directives, I have noticed that it does try to parse/verify them, because it complains if I have an error, but when correct I get the message above, and the changes are not saved.

Really, at this point, if you could just point me to the file, or sql table->column I need to update manually to set these defaults it would be very helpful.

That indicates a more serious issue - if that box is blank by default, something has gone wrong with the Virtualmin install process.

Did the install complete OK? You might want to re-run it ..

Is there a preferred way to remove existing install so it will not interfere or break a fresh install via

Whoops, found that one.

Uninstalled via --uninstall

reinstalled with

Same results. No errors given on

I spent the whole day on this error. The solution is so trivial: When you install the Virtualmin module in Webmin Configuration > Webmin Modules you MUST select the option ' Grant access to all Webmin users' After that you won't have any issues.

The comment from Daniel Stadeli also fixed this issue for me!