Migrating virtual servers between VM servers.

Hi guys,

I have three feature request regarding migrating virtual server from one VM to another.

1) Having two VM servers in a cluster I'm able to manage users/themes/ugrades etc. Great! But copying files between them doesn't handle full virtual server migration. It would be great to have possibility to mark which features of the virtual server we want to move to another server (like in a backup mode) and just click "migrate".

2) ATM I'm using backup/restore feature to migrate virtual servers between VM servers. It works very well (it handles features, UIDs/GIDs etc.) but it has a small bug (or maybe it's not a bug). I've noticed that when moving virtual server with MySQL (probably PostgreSQL too) you must do the following:

* make backup
* delete account on server #1
* transfer backup to server #2
* restore backup on server #2

This is problematic when the DB is on the external server. The db must be first dumped (during backup), deleted and restored. It's time consuming. In addition GRANTs aren't set in the DB by virtualmin when restoring from backup (needs further research).

I would suggest to add possibility to leave the databases as is on the external server (as an option) during migrating virtual server. Then only virtual server (with features) would be migrated, the database would be untached and there would be no service discontinuity.

3) When restoring virtual server from backup VM should check if the backu is restored on the same VM server. Otherwise it should check if the ip address/account plan/template etc. has changed and ask what to do (change/leave as is etc) or figure it out automaticaly.

What do you think guys?;-)

Regards, Filip