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Found 2 virtual servers using the feature Virus filtering .. Domain name Username Description Users Aliases scriptlance 1 (List..) 4 (List..) referat 1 (List..) 4 (List..)

1)Then press on delete - -result- file not found! 2) also no way aut - how to select domains to disable feature


p.s. also in Opera -feile uploading for "Issue details" - error



This is a bug in Virtualmin 3.75 .. it will be fixed in 3.76 though.

You can disable features in a domain at Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled features.

yes, but Failed to save enabled features : The feature Spam filtering cannot be disabled, as it is used by the following virtual servers : versii


Wait .. are you editing features on the Features and Plugins page? That is for turning off features globally.

row "Feature or Plugin " - disabled

but, when I try to disable
row "Default? " - Get error

So are you just trying to turn off spam filtering for one domain?

If so, select it from the left menu, click Edit Virtual Server, go to Enabled features, de-select it, and click "Save".