changing IP and going live with demo box - any gotchas?

Hi, We have been in testing phase for a few months and have plans in January to take down the existing old Slackware box and put the new CentOS/Virtualmin box in its place. The Virtualmin box will assume the old IP address and content (about 20 virtual servers + DNS) of the Slackware box. I'd like as much information as you can think of regarding what things need to be changed during our cutover time and any other tips you can think of.

Thanks, Bill



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Submitted by ronald on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 14:24 Pro Licensee

When you switch the box in the datacenter, boot up, log in and change the network settings (I'm assuming you did all the configuration at home, so you need to set the correct IP/gateway etc..)
cd to /etc/sysconfig/networking and /etc/resolv.conf
Also check that all domains are running on the right IP
make sure you can reach the box from the outside to see if the sites/apache are up (mobile phone)

Now that you know the sites are up and you have ssh access from the outside, you can do the rest if any from home/office.

Also, in Virtualmin you should update the IP of all your domains to the new IP .. this can be done at Addresses and Networking -> Change IP Addresses.

Thanks...if you think of anything else don't hesitate to add something.

And also browse/search read these forums because they are of great help, at least they were for me. If you run dns you should read this aswell:

Here are a couple of other posts regarding various things that had me stumped. Might be of interest, might not. Doesn't hurt to include them;)