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My company is going to switch to using Usermin only for web mail. We recently put it to the test with all our developers and got great remarks. The only downside was it's theme is outdated.

We have a lot of talent here, and are going to put the man hours in to develop a new theme, starting with Usermin, and eventually for Virtualmin and Webmin.

What is the best place to find documentation/support for this endeavor?



That would be awesome! For docs on theme development, have a look at :


Also, check out the code for the virtual-server-theme , the directory for which is found under /usr/libexec/usermin . That theme supports Virtualmin, Cloudmin and Usermin, so a lot of the code in the .cgi scripts wouldn't be needed for a new theme.

Did you find someone for that user interface position yet?

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Submitted by Joe on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 13:07 Pro Licensee

We're holding off on hiring until January, so I haven't been public about the position, but I've spoken with a couple of folks. Eric expressed an interest in doing some UI work, as well, and he has a lot of JavaScript+Perl experience, so we're going to see what he can do with the ongoing AJAX/theme project (which already looks really good, but doesn't actually work) in the next few weeks.

So, no, we haven't filled the position, and we haven't actually decided what the position will be (full-time or a contract), but we'll get it figured out in the next few weeks.

Sounds like a plan. We might do a CSS overlay theme at first, and then expand it out. The layout is pretty clean already, it's just design-wise, a little out dated.

Ok.. I would be interested to see what you come up with.

Usermin doesn't support the overlay themes, at least it seems that way. Any ideas?

Sorry, but that hasn't been implemented yet. At least, the UI for it hasn't been .. but the underlying code is there already.

Is your theme up to the point where it can work with Usermin?

No we are still in the early stages due to several Expo's and Trade shows slowing things down. I will keep you up to date though.