virtual interface do not work

Virtualmin Pro:

When i create a new virtual server a newly added virtual IP interface does not work. I specify a valid new IP-adress in the correct range and i can see that this interface has been added to the interfaces to activate at boot time. But it is never shown as currently active - even after reboot. (verified in Webmin)

Virtualmin 3.75, Debian 5.0 64 Bit



Which Webmin version are you running there?

I am running the Webmin version which comes with the Virtualmin install script for Virtualmin 3.75 - as far as i remember it is something like 1.4 - but i do not have access to the server right now. I have solved the issue myself by creating a virtual interface in Webmin itself and the uses this one in Virtualmin - this works! (But of course it would be more comfortable if this would work as expected when creating a new virtual server in virtualmin...)

You might want to try downloading and installing Webmin 1.500, which has some fixes in the code that brings up network interfaces on Debian 5 and above. The commands for this are :

cd /root
wget ""
dpkg --install webmin_1.500_all.deb

Let us know if that helps.