1) backup done only one server backup to ftp (but in settings - many) 2) no logs 3) no nonentity by email



Sounds like the backup may not be completing properly..

If you run the backup manually from within the Virtualmin UI, does it complete? If not, what error is displayed?

Manually all is fine except one domain .. but why even logs don't shown?

The backup log (at Backup and Restore -> Backup Logs) will only be written when the backup completes or fails. So if it is hanging part-way, no log will be visible.

When you do a manual backup, does it complete fully or get stuck on that one domain? You should see a message at the end about the total backup size ..

(when I done manual) Virtual servers that failed _____.ru Executed via Virtualmin UI Run by web user root Started at 06/Dec/2009 13:33 Completed at 06/Dec/2009 17:37 Final backup size 2.34 GB Run time 4 hours, 03:22 minutes Backup type Full Final status Partially completed

Does this manual backup show up on the Backup Logs page?

Also, what if you manually run a scheduled backup, by SSHing in as root and running a command like :

/etc/webmin/virtual-server/backup.pl --id xxxxx

where xxxxx is the unique numeric ID of the scheduled backup, which you can see in the link on the Scheduled Backups page.