No Install Scripts option in Virtualmin

We're trying to install a script using the instructions from here:

We cannot find an Install Scripts option anywhere on the page. I'm logged in using a Master Admin account so I'm not sure where to look for this option.

Here is our system information:

Virtualmin version 3.75 Pro Webmin version 1.490 Operating system FreeBSD 6.3 Kernel and CPU FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE on i386



There should be an Install Scripts link on the left menu, near the top. The only case in which this won't appear is if your selected domain doesn't have a website enabled (or you are running Virtualmin GPL).

Thanks for the response.

We're not running the GPL version. By "doesn't have a website enabled" do you mean Apache should be enabled?


Yes .. if you click on Edit Virtual Server, under "Enabled features" the "Apache website enabled?" feature should be checked.