Blank screen after restore

My objective is toi have three servers all with the same intranet on them, the first live server has been working for some months now, the second server is a traing server to mess about with the intranet and the third is a backup server.

When I use the standard backup and restore scripts from the live server to either of the two othe servers I just get a blank page.

The web site is built using php and mysql. All three servers have only one site and are virtualmin proffesional licenced recently all upgraded to the same version.



Howdy -- at what point in the restore process does the blank page come up? What was the last thing you click before that happens?

Also, do any errors show up in /var/webmin/miniserv.error?

Do you mean you get a blank page when you access the website on the new system?

If so, the cause might be a PHP error .. check the logs/error_log file under the domain's home directory to see if any interesting messages are logged.