deleting old ftp backups fail

Deleting backups older than 3 days ..
    Deleting FTP file /master/11-27-2009, which is 3 days old ..
    .. FTP deletion failed : RMD /master/11-27-2009 failed : /master/11-27-2009: Directory not empty

.. no backups to delete were found

Backup failed! See the progress output above for the reason why. Total backup time was 1 hours, 41:17 minutes.

Now I have gone through the backups and it seems nothing is tried to be delete and all domain backups are in the folder.



So does the directory on the FTP server actually contain any files? If so, what are their filenames?

It's possible that some dot-files may have been missed.

Nothing was deleted... all the domain backup files were still there... it didnt even attempt to delete them.

I cant give you access to the backup box either because it only allows access to IP's within its own network.

Is there anything special about the backup box, like it running Windows or some custom FTP server software? Or is it just a regular Linux system?

Nope its linux -- its shared by 2 other servers and the backups get deleted just fine with those. Its a odd one for sure.

Are there any restrictions on directory listing for the FTP user being used for backups? If you connect using a regular FTP client, can you list that directory OK?


If you want a step by step access but its a bit lengthy and i'd rather explain it on the phone on how to access the ftp server from the vm server in question - toll free number of course

i tried to explain in short how to access the ftp server in the remote support page.. server

Thanks - I did some test backup runs, and quite a few failed due to the FTP server not responding. This will in turn causing purging to not happen.

How far away from the Virtualmin system is the FTP server, and how loaded is it?

$ tracepath
 1: (                0.075ms pmtu 1500
 1: (   0.672ms
 1: (   0.890ms
 2: (     0.309ms asymm  3
 3: (      2.611ms asymm  4
 4: (         3.173ms
 5: (   2.861ms reached

I have no idea how the ftp is setup... we don't control any of it only Hertzner does.

I just did a test backup, and it looks like purging is actually working fine .. at least, there are no old directory that haven't been purged yet.

That's because I got another error from the regular backup and it failed so I went in just started to delete all the old stuff. The minute one of Nick's clients get a failed notice they start emailing me and I can't take it anymore.

Let me know when they see another failure, and I will do a manual test backup run to see what is really going on ..