- Already running

I seem to get a lot of random email's from saying it is "Already running". See attached email capture.

Do any other virtualmin/webmin scripts call this perl script? I can never seem to pinpoint what is the cause of running for over 5 minutes before it is called again. My server's load is never particularly high at all.

I have also attached the list of cronjobs on my system, since the spacing in here was way off when I copied and pasted. There are no other changes to any of the cronjobs on this system aside from what is shown in the attachment, so cron.daily / cron.weekly etc are whatever comes standard on a standard Virtualmin GPL setup.

Thanks for your help.



Sounds like may be taking so long to run that it overlaps with the next run from cron, thus triggering this error.

If you run the top command, do you see it taking up a lot of CPU for a long time?

One way to avoid this would be to make run less often - this can be done at System Settings -> Module Config -> Status collection -> Interval between status collection job runs.

Unfortunately by the time I get the email it has long passed. Next time I get the message I will double check and see what the server load is, and try to see what's going on.