Malinglist leftovers in /etc/aliases

I created a site and added a mailing list to it. When removing the site, i found leftovers from the mailing list entries inside /etc/aliases , I found this out because when i re-created the site once more, it would not allow me to add an e-mail alias with the same name as the mailing list i had once created, and thought i had deleted.

Is it safe to remove these entries from /etc/aliases? and could there be other places which might contain left overs from that mailing list? I wan't to keep the system as clean as possible.



So I re-created the mailing list, which surprisingly enough worked, and after deleting the mailing list directly, i don't have issues with any left overs, i think...

Yes, you can safely delete these.

Are you finding that if you create a domain with mailing lists and then delete that domain, there are leftover entries in /etc/aliases ?

Yes, that is correct. I haven't reproduced this though, because the server i am working on is now in production.

If you can, you might want to try doing this with a test domain .. if the problem happens, it will occur even for a domain that isn't really registered, like

Yes I can reproduce, and it also has leftovers in /var/lib/mailman/*

That's odd .. when I create a test domain, add a mailing list to it, then delete it, the list aliases and entry from /var/lib/mailman are correctly removed.

Was this mailing list added using the Virtualmin UI, at Services -> Mailing Lists ?

I am sorry for not being specific enough about this, because this was not a top-level site, it was a subserver, and i didn't remove the subserver directly, i removed the parent... Again, really sorry, I should've included that important fact.

I just tested this too, and the list was properly deleted, even from the sub-server.

Is this repeatable if you create a test domain and sub-domain, add a mailing list to the sub-domain, then delete them both?

If so, could you attach the output from the deletion screen to this bug report.