Pointing Domains...

I have 2 domain that I need to point to the same website, how do I do that in virtualmin ?

I just need the one domain to redirect to the other.

Thanks, JT



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Submitted by tpnsolutions on Fri, 11/27/2009 - 01:36

You can setup the second domain as an "alias" to the first domain, or use the "proxy" feature.


  1. Select from the drop down list (on the left) the "primary" domain you want to alias.

  2. Click "Create Virtual Server"

  3. Choose "Alias of mydomain.com" (where mydomain.com is the domain selected in step #1)

  4. Enter the new domain, and click "Create Server"

Now traffic sent to "myotherdomain.com" will render the content at "mydomain.com"

*** "mydomain.com" being your primary, and "myotherdomain.com" being your secondary domain ***


  1. Click "Create Virtual Server"

  2. Choose Top-level server

  3. Fill in the form like normal, choosing the features and such.

  4. In the "IP address and forwarding" section, choose "Website URL" from the "Proxy website to URL" field, and enter the domain you want traffic to be sent to.


Works great, thanks...