Unable to uninstall/reinstall programs from the install scripts.

With "Run CGI scripts as Domain owner"..Yes and CGI wrapper (run as virtual server) Install Joomla at the "root" of a site.. Then try to start over..

Uninstall fails can not remove the cgi-bin/php5.cgi Removes all files but not Virtualmin data..

I must chattr -i the file or move the file then do the uninstall and put it back after it is done.

It would be nice if they could start over by doing the uninstall/reinstall without issues.. I know this is with joomla.. I bet other CMS php systems could have the same problems..

Thanks Don



What is the error message you are getting exactly?

Also, is the cgi-bin directory under your public_html directory? If so, that could cause this kind of problem ..

Yes it is under that directory, public_html . On my servers that folder is called the www folder..

if there was a way just to tell the Control panel the program has been removed. and remove the entry.. Also if some other program like phpadmin in the public_html and root CMS uninstall removed the program, you should also removed the scripts details for that program..

This is not a real big issue.. but run a into that enough it be helpful.. I know what to do at this point, but someone new, this could create a problem to figure out.

Thanks Don

Ok, I would recommend against putting cgi-bin under public_html, as that would cause it to be deleted if a script is installed at the top-level and then deleted.

Virtualmin does have protection against one script un-install deleting another though, so if you had phpMyAdmin at /phpmyadmin and Drupal at / , deleting Drupal would not touch phpMyAdmin.

As for telling Virtualmin to forget about an installed script, this can be done manually by deleting a file under /etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog/XXX , where XXX is the domain's unique ID.