Restore failed : Failed to open

Hi, i have this problem when exporting a backup file from a machine with Virtualmin 3.74 and i restore it in a newest machine with the same version.

During restore, for example, virtual server i have this problem

Restore failed : Failed to open /home/colturano/mail//home/colturano/Maildir for writing : No such file or directory

i see the result and it's contains more error. For example the mail user are duplicate ( ID 1001 and ID 1001 ), mail dir are empty.

Where is the problem ? It's a bug ?

This is my system

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 8.04.3 Webmin version 1.490 Time on system Wed Nov 18 18:58:07 2009 Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.24-25-server on i686

Many thank's !




Wow, that path that it is trying to restore to looks really wrong..

Have you adjusted any Virtualmin settings related to the location of mail files on the system you are trying to restore on?