Cloudmin fails to update status of all hosts

Hi Jamie,

After upgrading to 3.4 and passing the 50 system limit we're now having a hard time keeping all of the systems in a state where cloudmin can talk to webmin. Quite frequently we see this:

Last status Webmin down (Checked at 18/Nov/2009 12:05)
Detailed status error Failed to get status from Webmin in 30 seconds

The problem is that for Xen Dom0's it means that we can't create any hosts on them and for DomU's it means that no statistic collection is happening.

Load is fairly high on the cloudmin system (weekly average of 1.48) and before I simply start throwing more resources at it I thought I would check in with you for possible solutions. Send me an email if you'd like access via SSH or Webmin otherwise if you have any questions let me know.




Could be high load on the Cloudmin master system, or on the system being monitored.

I'd be happy to login and take a look if you like .. my email is

I am having something similar. Couple of my host systems always show "Webmin Down" even though they are up and running.

Also I tried to create new VPS on a one of he ones that show webmin online. Theres is a note for Xen hosting system "No usable host systems are available!". I checked the server and there is 8gb memory left and plenty of drive space. However, when I check the resource usage it says it doesn't have any memory left. I really need these things working.


John Larsen

John - when you get the "webmin down" status and then go to Edit System, what does it show in the "detailed status error" field?

Detailed status error Webmin failed to complete in 20 seconds

Are ports 10000 - 10100 open on the remote system? They are needed for Cloudmin to talk to the remote Webmin process ..

Just tcp 1000. I just now added 10100 but still shows down.

Also the hosts that do show webmin up also will not let me create new xen systems on them.

You should add the whole range 10000 up to 10100 ..

Everything was working originally then few days later the webmin always showing down.

Regardless, those ports should definitely be opened up ..

No luck. i opened them 1000-10100.

Did you do another status refresh after opening up the ports?

Yes I did do status refresh with the particular server selected.


Try this - go to Webmin -> Webmin Servers Index and click on the edit link for the problem system. Then change "Make fast RPC calls?" to "yes" if it is not already, and click "Save".

The re-try a refresh.

You hijacked my ticket.

Can you move this discussion to a new ticket please.

Sorry Fatbox... There were no replies since 2009... WIll create new ticket.

While im here... Jamie - they are all set to yes already "Fast RPC calls"