Virus scanner option of "Deliver normally" & subject re-write

Within the Module Config - Default delivery for spam, you can "Deliver normally". I would like to see that option also for detected viruses, and have the ability to re-write the subject of the email with VIRUS just like spam is re-written with SPAM.

Also.... I noticed that when a virus is detected, the message delivery is not logged to procmail.log. Not sure if that is by design or not.



That would be nice, but unfortunately isn't simple to implement .. the clamav virus scanner Virtualmin uses has no way of changing the subject or contents of an email.

Since it is pretty much always correct when it detects a virus, it is safe to just delete detected messages anyway..

Yeah I know... that just goes back to the problem of the receiver never knows they got an email deleted, and I don't like that.

I would enable email deletion if we had an option of generating a message when the email was deleted that was dropped in the person's inbox saying "Hey, I deleted an email from to you. It contained an attachment named and was detected to have the Win32.Pwnage virus". Maybe another feature request? =)

Also some of the folks I host email for will never bother to even look at the "virus" folder, hence why I was trying to get an option of delivering it to their inbox with a rewrite subject instead. Maybe instead keep it being delivered to their virus folder, or deleted, but have that option I mentioned above? Would that be possible?

I can see how adding VIRUS to the subject would be nice .. unfortunately, actually implementing it would be complex as ClamAV lacks the ability to do this :-(

Most users either delete viruses outright, or keep a separate virus folder. Virtualmin can even be setup to automatically clear old messages from that folder, so they don't stay around taking up space forever..

Yeah, I understand that you said you can't have a subject rewrite... but is it somehow possible to have a separate message delivered to their inbox saying they had a virus email deleted/dropped in their virus folder?

Sadly, that isn't really simple to do either ..


None of my ideas are simple =(

Yeah, there are unfortunately limits on what can be done using the procmail mail filter that Virtualmin uses internally..