upload and post max file size php.ini edited but still wont work

Could be a bug on editing php.ini on VIrtualmin GPL

Virtualmin GPL, edited php.ini (post and upload max file size) to upload file larger than 2m but still wont work.

edited php.ini htaccess

No Luck.

Forum had tried resolving http://www.virtualmin.com/node/12191



Did you try restarting Apache? That may be needed to apply a global php.ini change.

Also, what is the exact error message you are getting?

"Video maximum size cannot be bigger then the php values for 'post_max_size' or 'upload_max_filesize'. Please edit php settings (php.ini) and increase the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize values!"

php.ini is already edited, apache restarted even the system has been restarted.


Which php.ini file did you edit exactly? There may be several under /etc , for PHP run via the command line, mod_php and other modes.. you should edit them all.


i edit the php that is seen on phpinfo.php and that is under etc directory.

and I did a locate php* command and it only found the php.ini under etc only.

By the way, which PHP script are you using there that is reporting this error? Perhaps it is incorrect detecting the PHP settings?

using the php that virtualmin GPL installs on the link forum I included above, I attache the phpinfo file. please refer to it

No, I mean what is the app written in PHP that you are trying to upload to?

Also, I didn't see any attached phpinfo file .. could you perhaps link to it instead?