Segmentation faults / High running processes and memory usage

Since updating a number of packages after the last Virtualmin update I've noticed repeated segmentation faults on the system. At the same time running processes have increased over 30% and memory close to 300%.

Apache was restarted at one point. As soon as it came online all of the numbers appeared normal yet within 30 minutes they started to climb to the higher-than-normal levels.

I've wondered if perhaps this is related to the post at and if the patched libmysqlclient1off mentioned would work. Not being certain, I didn't want to go and install the patch.




Which processes are using the most RAM, and which ones are segfaulting? You can see RAM usage at Webmin -> System -> Running Processes -> Memory.

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Submitted by Joe on Tue, 11/10/2009 - 17:02 Pro Licensee

Note that if the problem is with MySQL, the Debian folks will need to address the problem. We have no control over the MySQL packages.

I've tried to look into this and cannot seem to find a solution so far. I am hesitant to install the "fix" for the problem mentioned in the other forum for was was a MySQL problem when I do not see any MySQL errors, only php-cgi errors.

Everything seems to run OK, albeit, with more processes and a higher RAM usage, but stable nevertheless. Segfaults happen sporadically, sometimes none for a day or two, other times a handful of times in a given day.