Perl execution failed at Website Options


I recently installed a new system, that will replace the current one in 2 weeks. Everything runs smooth and as intended. But now I found, that I can not change the website options.

There is an error below at the PHP information part:

HTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/0.01 Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 14:14:31 GMT Content-type: text/html Connection: close Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &php_pear::get_pear_commands called at /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/edit_phpmode.cgi line 122.

The modules installed for PHP5 are listet and the save button below is missing.

As mentioned, this is a completely new installation, build on a minimal Debian lenny installation... virtualmin script installer did not show any error.

Is this a bug or is there something missing?

Best regards Christian

Closed (fixed)


Sounds like you may have a really old version of the php-pear Webmin module.

What is the output from the following command on your system :

dpkg --list webmin-php-pear

Uhm... crazy, ... seems like webmin-php-pear is not installed at all?? Everything needed for Virtualmin was installed by the installer...

I tried to install it, but was presented an error (translated from german):

This Webmin module is already installed on your system. dpkg: Error executing /var/cache/apt/archives/webmin-php-pear_1.5_all.deb (--unpack): Subprocess pre-installation script returnd error 1 Error occured durind execution of: /var/cache/apt/archives/webmin-php-pear_1.5_all.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) A package could not be installed. Try to resolve:

I cannot be installed.. our webmin version is: 1.490

Any ideas?

Ok, looks like it may have been installed manually as an older version.

Try deleting /usr/share/webmin/php-pear , then re-installing it using apt-get

Thanks alot! This was the solution... I was thinking about that, but was afraid to do it :P