Domain Drop Down disappears after adding 80th domain on 100 site license.

Domain drop down turns into text field after adding 80th domain on 100 domain license.

Also when you click on the link to "List Virtual Servers" the page returns: There are too many virtual servers on your system to display on this page.

Am I missing a config here or is this a bug?

Virtualmin 3.74 CentOS 5.4 X86_64



Ok I found the setting in the Module config for the Interface it was set to show 100 domains. I selected unlimited ->saved->refreshed and it shows all and drop down is back so might be a small issue there.

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Submitted by Joe on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 14:21 Pro Licensee

Note that aliases and subservers also count in the count for that if you have 80 virtual servers and 20 aliases, it will still turn into a search box.

Viola thanks Joe!

21 aliases ;)