exim with virtualmin

I like to know can we configure exim with virtualmin if yes please any one tell complete configuration like given bellow url


my requirement is exim + spamassacian + Dvoecot + clamav + quota + virtualmin + Mailing List and other stuff



Any updates from anyone :(

Support for Postfix is by far the best tested and supported.

That said, several other mail servers exists, including Exim. Exim support is considered experimental, and you should probably test it before going live to make sure it works as you need.

Once Virtualmin is installed, you can enable it's Exim support by going into System Settings -> Module Config, and changing "Mail server to configure" from Postfix to Exim.

I'll pass this along to Jamie for any further comments :-)

There is very very basic Exim support in Virtualmin, but only for adding and removing domains .. mailbox and alias management is not possible.

I would recommend against using Exim with Virtualmin - we support Sendmail, Postfix and Qmail, and prefer Postfix if possible.

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Submitted by Joe on Wed, 10/28/2009 - 13:48 Pro Licensee

I'll also note that the doc you've linked is a third party document; very thorough, and nicely done, but occasionally conflicts with the way our install script does things (and thus a little bit confusing when you try to get help and everyone expects you to have a relatively standard install).

so any one can send complete and brief installation of virtualmin with centos as details in link.


Tahir Atique

Hi Tahir -- if you're looking for help installing Virtualmin, you should probably open up a new request so we don't get mixed up with the topic of this current one :-)

However, to perform a Virtualmin installation on CentOS, you can follow the instructions at this link:


If you need further help, feel free to start a new topic and we can help out.