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I have a problem installing Virtualmin GPL thru automatic installation in DEBIAN 4.0. I installed webmin and usermin successfully, but when i installed virtualmin GPL it says error: "/tmp directory is mounted noexec" without the quote. What is the meaning of this? and what do i do to fix or to resolve this problem?

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Submitted by Joe on Mon, 10/26/2009 - 05:58 Pro Licensee

It means your /tmp directory is mounted with the noexec option; which means the libraries and such that our installer downloads temporarily cannot run from /tmp.

You need to remount /tmp without the noexec option. Presumably you managed to figure out how to mount it with the noexec option, since it is not the default in a fresh Debian installation, so just undo what you did to mount it that way. ;-)

You can switch back after installation is complete.

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