Access Denied after yum update

After Jamie helped me to solve a bug with broken rtepository I launched a
yum clean all
yum update

I had so many updates left !
Anyway I logged back in (as root) and I found very few menu and submenus at the left ...
I thought it was a general cleaning of interface :P
It wasn't
There should be something that shifted root account in normal usermin ???
I cannot access many of main parts of virtualmin areas ...
any suggestion ?



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Submitted by Joe on Sat, 10/24/2009 - 05:03 Pro Licensee

You've mentioned Usermin. Usermin (usually port 20000) is a user-level tool, and isn't supposed to have any administrative menus.

If you mean Webmin/Virtualmin (usually port 10000), then that would be a problem. I can't think of any way an update would have caused such a problem, but it's possible to solve it from the command line.

So are you actually logging into Webmin?

sorry I meant logging into Virtualmin
yes I am logging into Webmin
I have two top menu in the left top corner Virtualmin / Webmin
When I click on Webmin I have another menu where you can choose various Server software management menus
That menu actually is lacking of many items
Hope this is clear ... sorry for my poor english

Could you attach a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Also, are you logged in as root or some other user?

Could you attach a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Also, are you logged in as root or some other user?

I can see everything in virtualmin area. But if, for example, I try to click on services/mysql I get access denied for current user. If I go in webmin area many items in the menĂ¹ Are hidden. I know that cause as root I can usually access to' everything. ie cannot access software packages, other services and all other administrative tasks. If i try to manually type the address i get an error page or access denied.

The only way I can think of this happening is if somehow one of your domains is owned by the root user, which shouldn't be possible.

What is the output from the following command, run as root at the shell prompt :

virtualmin list-domains --user root

# virtualmin list-domains --user root
No top-level domain owned by root exists

Lists the virtual servers on this system.

virtualmin list-domains [--multiline | --name-only | --id-only]
[--domain name]*
[--user name]*
[--id number]*
[--with-feature feature]
[--without-feature feature]
[--alias | --no-alias | --subserver |
--toplevel | --subdomain]
[--plan ID|"plan name"]
[--reseller name | --no-reseller |]

Does it help if you delete all /etc/webmin/*/root.acl files?

strange but ... there is no root.acl searched manually in every subfolders ...

Wierd .. what error do you get if you access the Software Packages module for example?

I cannot access that module for example cause isn't visible in the menu list
anyway if I try to paste /software/
I get an error page : access denied: user root cannot access software packages module

Try editing /etc/webmin/webmin.acl and changing the line starting with root to :

root: *

it worked ...
sgrumpft !!!
How is it possible that something changed that ?
I am the only administrator, and I am not installing any third party software ...
misteries ...
Thank you anyway for your help, great work
antonio laurienzo

It looks like maybe a virtual server was created with root as the owner, or the user for one was changed to root. It is hard to see how this could happen though, unless you have logging of file changes by Virtualmin enabled, which it isn't by default..

Did you perhaps create a new domain or extra admin around the time this happened?

nope the only thing I did was to manually edit repository directory cause another strange bug (the explanation is on he top of this discussion) after that a yum clean all and yum update ...

Just one think ... I updated a script (Drupal installation) that is accessible throught main root ...

How did you update Drupal exactly, and what do you mean by it being accessible via the main root?

1) I installed a script years ago, when I installed first time virtualmin on server, with "script installer" tool to the main address of server.
(to stop an ugly message when someone was inserting server IP instead of domains installed on)
2) After updating with yum I found there was an upgrade to drupal and I checked first on the "working copy" on the main server
I simply upgraded to last version, just to see ...
It works but, maybe, and repeat maybe, that could have messed up permission ...
that's the only thing "unusual" I did

Ok .. that shouldn't have effected the root user in any way..