"Setting Up Webmin's LDAP Users and Groups Module" failed?

I have try to follow the "Combining Virtualmin and LDAP | Virtualmin" article to create LDAP in a new fresh installed Centos 5.3. Everything goes fine until I try to follow the "Setting Up Webmin's LDAP Users and Groups Module" to create new user with webmin "LDAP User & Group" module.

The system reported:

ERROR Failed to save user : '' is not a valid group

If I fill the primary group name as same as the new user name, this user/group name will be displayed within error message:

ERROR Failed to save user : 'test' is not a valid group

I don't know how to solve this since I have followed/re-checked every steps and every verification task were also responded good until this section.

By the way, I can create new user with "LDAP Server" module, either clone the example user or create new one. It looks seems the LDAP server are working fine, but "LDAP User & Group" module has some thing wrong?

========================================== Update:

Ok, I have found some lead to investigate. Problem could be inside "LDAP User & Group" module.

First, if I fill the "Primary group" field with existing group name, new user will be created very well. And, it also worked fine if I ask it to create a new group name.

Second, It seems that this module cannot create new group name automatically with new user? Although I have selected yes option in "Create new group for new users?" within "User & Group" module, but it looks like the LDAP module ignore this option and skip create new group procedure.

Since the new group has not be created, it could be the reason of the ERROR message.

Where can I go through to next step? Is there any way to inspect the "LDAP Users & Groups" module step by step?

Closed (fixed)


In the case where you enter a group name and it still fails, does that group already exist? You should add it first in the LDAP Users and Groups module, in the Groups tab..

As you wrote, you do have to create the group first though. So it sounds like the LDAP integration is actually working OK.

When Virtualmin adds a new domain, it will create the LDAP group and then user for you.