Virtualmin Can Fail to Update Postfix Config on Virtual Server Rename

This has happened to me a couple of times. My problem/system/bad habit is to buy a .info domain to begin development on a site, because clients are often confused about the status of their domain registration, who the registrar is, etc.

So, upon renaming a domain, I got this help from my hosting company: "/etc/postfix/ was missing a virtual_alias_maps directive. I've

added that, removed that domain from the mydestination line and placed the system hostname in the mydestination line. After doing that and restarting postfix, it's receiving email."

I believe that I've had to add newly created and/or re-named domain names to the and/or the virtual file manually, as well, but I have been just slogging through the issues, not really noting the fixes, because I don't create THAT many new domains.



I have had similar problems. Renaming a domain broke my mail setup, so I have reverted to deleting and creating domains. No details available anymore unfortunately, and I'm reluctant to reproduce that behaviour. However, it was a fresh Virtualmin install with a single domain installed, so maybe it's easy to reproduce this on a VM.

jo - are you running Virtualmin 3.76? That version fixes a bug just like this, where deleting a domain could cause some other domain's Postfix virtual file entry to be removed..

3.76GPL here, yes. I think I saw the mail problem on a previous version. Good to know things in that area got worked on, I'll try again renaming a domain next time I need that.

Ok .. please let us know if you are still seeing this kind of issue under Virtualmin 3.76 or later.