DNS managment.

We are an ISP. We have customers who are using us for DNS and do not have any virtualservers with us. Is there any way to set these people up to manage their own DNS?



if cloudmin or usermin or generic webmin can work that would be great to know.

So you just want to allow users to manage their own DNS domains? This can be setup using Virtualmin GPL or Pro or even just regular Webmin .. although it is a little easier with Virtualmin.

What you'd do for a new domain is create it in Virtualmin, but with only the the "DNS zone" and "Webmin login" features enabled. This will give the customer a Virtualmin login that they can pretty much only use to manage their DNS records, at Services -> DNS Domain. You may want to lock down functions even further at Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits.

For existing domains, you could import them into Virtualmin at Add Servers -> Import Virtual Server.