Adding a file to logrotate

Hello! On my system I disabled PHP error display, but log them in log/php_log file for all clients. Problem is, I am unable to add this file to logrotate. I am aware of the logrotate configuration in Virtualmin, but there I can only edit directives inside the block which defines access_log and error_log, so no way to add log rotation for another file to my knowledge. I discussed this on the forum, where I was told I better open a feature request. So there you go :) Cheers Sebastian

Closed (fixed)


Sure, you can add a new file to be rotated by logging in as root and going to Webmin -> System -> Log File Rotation, and clicking on the access_log entry for the domain, and adding that php_log file.

Or are you looking for a way to have this setup for all new domains by default?

yes, i would like to be able to set that for new domains, if possible :)

Ok .. I'll add a template-level option for this in the next Virtualmin release.

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