Enable MySQL, no menu item appears for user


A couple of times this week I've enabled MYSQL Login for a server but the admin user still can't see the link in the menu...

I've checked server templates and the radio is set to Yes.



Which link are they not seeing exactly? "Edit Databases" , or something else?

Check at Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits that they are allowed to manage DBs.

It is unchecked ... but why would this need selecting after enabling the server feature?

It has to be selected to allow the domain owner to manage databases. Root should always be able to manage them though ..


So when a new server is created and MySQL login is selected, the owner limits is updated accordingly but if you enable it later you have to manually select these options in owner limits?

Cheers, Ryan

Yes .. also, you can set the default for this restriction at System Settings -> Account Plans -> Default Plan -> Allowed capabilities.

That's done the trick ... I have been around since there were just server templates and wasn't aware of plans.

... thanks guys