rename virtual server

I have used the virtualmin UI to rename two virtual servers and although this does many steps, it does not do them all and I need an alternative approach. When I rename a virtual server it does change the DNS, Apache host and a handfull of other things but it leaves the old mysql database name, username, password, file/directory owners, etc. so it is hardly a complete procedure. Is there another way to migrate a virtual server to a new name? Perhaps backup the virtual server, delete it, create the new virtual server and then restore the old server backup? I need a complete way to rename a virtual server if this is possible.



A rename should change everything to the new domain name, where possible .. if not, that's a bug that needs to be fixed.

The only thing we don't change in the MySQL DB name, as MySQL doesn't have a command to rename a database. File ownership should change though, as should the username .. assuming you selected the option to use a new username on the rename form?

Could you give more details about what the old and new domain names were, and exactly what wasn't updated?