Delete an alias server


Bug or just a "one time" problem?
Thought I should report it.

Today when I deleted an alias server some problem occured.
Our cutomer have two domains where one have just been as alias for their main domain/site. They now wanted to start up the alias domain as a regular domain.

So this is what I did:
- First I deleted the alias domain.
- Created a new virtual domain, got a error that domain already is hosted by Apache, Looked at Apache Webserver and saw that the alias domain where in the list. Ok, something maybe went wrong during the delete, so I ticked the box and deleted the domain in Apache Webserver.
- Whent back and created the virtual domain, no errors.
- Uploaded the site files and browsed to the domain to check that everything was ok. Clicked the link to go to their main/other domain, NOT FOUND, checked the code and the link was correct.
- Tried to browse directly to their main domain and ended up in our "Server Default" page???
- Checked the Apache Webserver, their main domain was gone! Ok this was not a big deal, I just pasted the their virtual domain info from a backup httpd.conf file to the existing httpd.conf. and restarted Apache.

Something obviously went wrong when I deleted the alias server. Maybe this is why the alias server still was in Apache, I didn't check to see that their main/other domain was still in the list, and... why should I!
So it looks like this happend - When I deleted the alias it instead deleted the main domain, and left the alias in the Apache list.

I'll try to reproduce this on a test domain later, whould be nice to know if it does the same again, or if it was just a "one timer".


Closed (fixed)