Auto Reply Feature doesn't work since the last updates

Since I updated virtualmin the last time (about 2 weeks ago) I can't set an auto reply message anymore. I'm managing 2 servers. The feature worked on both perfectly before and now it doesn't.

How to reproduce the error: - Go to "Edit Mail and FTP Users" - Click on a specific user - Choose "Mail forwarding settings" - Enter a text (just any text will do) in the "Send automatic reply" textfield - Click on the "Save" button

--> Errormessage: Failed to save mailbox : Unknown file mode >

I already checked the logs etc.

EDIT: I just found out that it works when setting the autoreply in usermin.



Odd, this doesn't happen on my test systems.

Could you edit /etc/webmin/config and add the line :


then re-try setting up an auto-reply, and post the full error message here?