No database Account Plan

Trying to create an account plan that provides web only access, no database. It seems that if a rsller account has MySQL database as an allowed feature, even if the Account plan is set to:

Allow no databases (Limit on databases at most 0) MySQL database disabled in Allowed virtual server features Cannot manage databases in Allowed capabilities

The Reseller can create a site with this account and enable MySQL login, which will create a database, regardless. Can I create an account that doesn't allow database creation/login?

I was trying to provide my resellers with a Basic account plan (web only) and then a Basic Database account plan (web with MySQL).



This isn't quite possible, as plans don't restrict resellers .. only domain owners. So the only way to stop a reseller from enabling MySQL would be to take that feature away from him completely.

Plans do restrict domain owners though, so if a domain is created on the 'web only' plan, its admin wouldn't be able to enable the mysql feature.