Postfix SMTP with SASL/TLS not working on clean install of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS + VirtualminPro latest

I do not know if this is a Postfix bug or a Virtualmin Pro bug, but we ran into a problem on fresh installs on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS for sending emails from PCs on the servers.

This worked fine with Debian but not with Ubuntu.

We installed just barebone ubuntu + update/upgrade + wget + virtualminPro So Virtualmin's installed postfix.

We got SASL failures in Postfix when sending from PCs and macs using TLS.

After quite some research, we found this thread:

and adding postfix to sasl group fixed the problem instantly:

adduser postfix sasl /etc/init.d/postfix restart

Looks like it's needed. Not sure if there are any security implications here.

But if not done by Virtualmin, it should be at least part of virtualmin checks....

1) Is that ok security-wise ? 2) if you could fix that in virtualmin, it would avoid sleepless nights for sure :)



That is surprising, as that adduser is part of the Virtualmin install process..

Did you perhaps do an Ubuntu upgrade at any time during the install process?

No, as said:

1) install Ubuntu with standard XEN instance creation 2) apt-update, apt-upgrade, apt-install wget 3) wget ..... ; ..... from the licenses page to install Virtualmin Pro

I now added the postfix user to sasl group on all virtualminPro installs (also older ones): on no system the user was part of that group.

Verified: doing twice the command results in a different message second time saying that the user is already part of the group.

So could confirm: virtualmin Pro installer AND installation check does not install/check that.

Ok, I was able to verify this. Assigning this bug to Joe to fix the install script in the virtualmin-base package..